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Initial pilot tests were delivered through strength and conditioning coaches. The results of the tests included strength gains of 29% within six weeks, and functional gains of 12%! That is even far better than hoped.

Strength Gains Functional Gains

A Web survey performed in conjunction with an amateur athletic association, revealed that 87% of the market preferred a home version of the conditioning program.

Results from the home version pilot test reveal that over 70% of the athletes participated in the home program for the 12 consecutive weeks, and 30% participated in the program for 5 weeks or less. This compliance is better than that of health club memberships! Thus, the structure provided by the Sport Maniac program makes it easier for the athlete to actually do their exercises.

Pilot tests have demonstrated that 92% of the young athletes have some strength and/or flexibility deficit that is relevant to their sport prior to initiation of the Sport Maniac. This fact gives validation to the need of adapting a program to the entry-level strength and flexibility. At the end of the 12-week Sport Maniac conditioning program, 82% of the deficits had been eliminated; this included all of the strength deficits.

So, that’s the bottom line. The Sport Maniac works: the exercises were scientifically selected and the results are proven. The human body can not lie. If you stick with your program, you will improve.

It’s a fact!

Patent Numbers 6,740,007 and 7,591,760 
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