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If you would like to see what our service is like feel free to sign up for a test-drive.

The only items you need to click on are "What's your sport?" and "What type of custom training program would you like?" The rest of the buttons are selected for you in this demonstration. Click on the "Submit" button to proceed.

What's your sport?

What type of custom training program would you like?

  • You're the trainer!! You or a family member/friend takes the optional measurements. You perform the exercise on your own. (For fees, see subscription packages)
  • The Internet Trainer!! You or a friend/family member takes the optional measurements if you so choose. You perform the exercises on your own. In addition, you'll have an Internet Trainer who is available to you for weekly emails, questions, comments. The additional fee for an Internet Trainer is $74.95/month.
  • Hands-On Trainer!! A Certified Sport Maniac trainer takes your measurements. You also have the option to hire this trainer to work with you when performing the exercises. Fees vary according to location for the Hands-On Trainer. At a later date, a list of Certified Sport Maniac Trainers will be available to you.

Would you like your coach to view your program and your progress?

If YES, please enter your coaches name and e-mail address:

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