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  1. Where can I get Exercise Bands, Balls and Weights?

    The equipment utilized in this program is available in our on-line store. You can also purchase it in most fitness stores and many sporting goods stores.

    The biggest advantage of buying the bands from our store, is that they are color coded to your exercise program. Each color is a different resistance. When you purchase your bands from our store, you know that the color recommended under 'weight' in your log book will be the correct resistance for you. If you purchase your bands somewhere else, the color stated on your personalized log sheet, may not match the color/resistance on the bands. If you do purchase your bands elsewhere, also make certain that they have a door anchor, so that you can secure the bands behind the door for specific exercises.

    If you purchase the exercise ball from another store, just make certain it is the correct diameter for your height.

  2. What if I can't do the recommended number of weights/sets/reps?

    If you can't do the recommended number of weights/set/reps in your log book, diminish the amount of weight until you can do the assigned number of sets/reps. The most important thing is that you have the correct 'form' in your exercise. So, if the weights cause pain or cause substitution movements, it is definitely appropriate to decrease the amount of weight.

  3. What if the recommended weights/sets/reps is too easy for me?

    If you are at the maximal recommended for the weights/sets/reps, just keep doing the maximal recommended. Some of the exercises are designed to facilitate motor learning. They might not be the max you could do, but they are facilitating the pattern of muscle action that is necessary for you and your sport.

  4. I am really sore. What caused it and what do I do about it?

    Soreness is caused by doing too much, too soon; or maybe you need to space your workouts out a bit more. Most likely, your soreness will show up within 24 hours of your workout. Try to space your identical workouts about 2 days apart. For example, you can do your core exercises and arms on Monday, your legs and cardio on Tuesday and back to you core exercises and arms on Wednesday.

    You should expect some soreness, but if the soreness inhibits you from doing your regular activities, then it is probably an issue of too much too soon.

    If you soreness is actually pain, that is a completely different thing. Please see the next question about pain.

  5. One of the exercises causes pain, what do I do?

    If an exercise causes pain, it will usually cause the pain immediately (when you are doing the exercise). In the case of pain, delete the exercise from your regime.

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